Ambassade | APARTMENTS

Single Bedroom Apartments

Single bedroom apartments at Ambassade are lavishly furnished, keeping comfort and functionality as a focus with a large bedroom, an ensuite full bathroom, a separate living/dining room and a fully equipped kitchenette.

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Premium Double Bedroom Apartment

The Premium Double bedroom apartment at Ambassade are exclusive in essence. The serene contemporary design with a glamorous space provides a cozy living experience, perfected by full facilities that enhance your stay to new heights, they feature two bedrooms, a full bathroom with a bath tub, a spacious living and dining room and a fully equipped kitchen.

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Luxury Double Bedroom Apartment with Private Patio

The Luxury Double bedroom apartment at Ambassade is really spacious with designed luxury and oversized comforts. Elegance and expanse is the hallmark of this well-planned living space. They feature two bedrooms, a full bathroom with rain shower, a spacious living, dining area and a fully equipped kitchen. On the private patio our guest can enjoy a BBQ or a dip in the jacuzzi.

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One Bedroom Loft Apartment

The Loft Apartment at Ambassade is lavishly furnished. It has a master bedroom, separate living room, fully equipped kitchenette and dining area for two, ensuite full bathroom with bath tub. The roof windows offer the best views of the old town and the pond. This apartment is ideal for honeymooners or those seeking a intimate setting in Reykjavik.

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